Crime Prevention Programs

Literature: Pamphlets on crime awareness and prevention are available from University Police on a variety of topics e.g., Police Services, Operation I.D., Bicycle Safety, Rape Awareness, and Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, etc. Similar information is also available through seminars and other media.

COPS-Robbery Prevention: The COPS (Comply, Observe, Police, Safety) program teaches campus cash handlers how to safely respond to an armed robbery. The promotion of this program is ongoing throughout the year.

Family Health & Safety Fair: An annual health and safety fair is held for on-campus student families. This activity helps families become familiar with safety concepts and healthy lifestyles. Crime prevention pamphlets are also distributed in various married housing locations.

HEPE Classes: Students taking this class are taught sexual assault awareness and prevention. This class is offered during fall and winter semesters.

Media Programs: The Y-News, staff newsletters, The Daily Universe (student newspaper), campus broadcasting stations KBYU-FM radio, and KBYU-TV are used to inform the public about crimes and crime prevention tactics. In addition, the university gives timely notice of certain crimes committed on and near campus that pose a foreseeable threat to the campus community.

Operation Eyes: On an as needed basis, bulletins are sent to key BYU employees soliciting their assistance in being on the lookout for a particular perpetrator, suspicious circumstances, stolen property, etc.

Safe-walk: Safe-walk promotes personal safety by providing escort services from one campus location to another campus location.

Community Education-The listed link will allow the campus community to view information about the surrounding city of Provo.

Provo City Police Department  Blogspot

Security Surveys: For the express purpose of creating a safe living and learning environment for the campus community, security surveys of campus facilities and operations are conducted on an as needed basis to identify and counter security risks and to improve security measures.

Shots Fired: This is an online video program that teaches how to survive an active gunman incident. The viewer is taught the concepts of “survival mindset” and “course of action” (“figure out, get out, call out, hide out, keep out, spread out, and take out”).

Flash Point: This is an online video program that teaches violence awareness and how to prevent extreme violence. “Awareness plus Action equals Prevention.”

Crime Prevention & Personal Safety Seminars:
University Police provide lectures and literature to students, employees, and church groups to promote crime awareness and prevention. Each fall semester, all single students are invited to a personal safety presentation. Three presentations are for females and three are for males. This covers all three housing locations.

Rape Aggression Defense (RAD): RAD is a course that teaches women awareness, prevention, risk reduction, rape avoidance, with basic hands-on self defense training. Registration information: Student Activity Courses (StAc), Course 155 - Self-Defense. For more information see “Student Wellness Activity Classes” at

New Employee Orientation: New employees are given a brief presentation regarding personal safety practices, property protection, reporting crimes, the campus Safe-walk program, and other pertinent topics.