RV And Oversized Vehicle Parking on Campus

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Oversized vehicles for the purpose of this section are defined as: overly large pickup trucks (those which would interfere with the movement of vehicles in the parking lot), box trucks, semi-tractor trailers, buses, motor homes, camping trailers, tent trailers and any other vehicle that will create undue congestion in campus parking lots due to its height or length, or which will not fit inside campus parking space lines.

OVERNIGHT PARKING - as a general rule, overnight parking is not allowed anywhere on BYU campus. Specific exceptions may be made on a case by case basis by the University Police Parking Services Office.

DAY PARKING - oversized vehicles may park in lot 45 (West of the Lavell Edwards Stadium) against the west fence of the parking lot as long as the lot is not being used for an event or other activity that restricts the use of the lot. SEE REQUIRED CONDITIONS, BELOW.

EDUCATION WEEK - oversized vehicles may park in lot 37 (North of the Indoor Practice Field). Overnight parking should be avoided, if possible, but may be allowed from the Saturday prior to the start of Education Week through Saturday night at the conclusion of Education Week (eight [8] days total). SEE REQUIRED CONDITIONS, BELOW.

WOMEN’S CONFERENCE - oversized vehicles may park in lot 37 (North of the Indoor Practice Field). Overnight parking should be avoided, if possible, but may be allowed beginning at noon of the Wednesday before Women’s Conference begins through Saturday night following the conclusion of the conference (three and one half [3 1⁄2] days). SEE REQUIRED CONDITIONS, BELOW.

EVENT PARKING - oversized vehicles are not allowed parking for events other than in lot 54 for home varsity football games. Refer to the section below for details regarding RV (oversized vehicle) parking for home football games. SEE REQUIRED CONDITIONS, BELOW.

REQUIRED CONDITIONS - these conditions apply to any vehicle parked on BYU property at any time.

  1. 1)  All vehicles must be maintained and the areas surrounding them must be kept free of litter, trash and valuables that may be stolen when left unattended.

  2. 2)  No dumping of solids or liquids will be permitted. Any vehicle leaking fluids will be required to leave immediately.

  3. 3)  Awnings and other attachments and accessories must be contained within the parking area and may not impede the driving lanes within the lot.


Tailgating and RV Parking

Located directly south of the BYU OIT building and east of Baskin Robbins, 55 E 1230 N (Bulldog Ave) Lot 18.

Availability: Guests may enter the lot starting at 8 a.m. on all home game days and will remain open until two hours after the conclusion of the game. It is first-come, first-served and there is no overnight parking.  *EXCEPTION- Games that kickoff at 7pm or later may remain in the lot until 8am the following morning.  

Vehicle types: Cars, vans, trucks and motorcycles. RVs and camp trailers are permitted in the Tailgate Lot. 

Space: Tailgaters are allowed two parking stalls per vehicle.

Type of cooking: Only propane and wood-pellet grills are allowed (no charcoal or wood fires)

Other details:

·        A limited number of portable restrooms, dumpsters and recycling bins will be provided.  Please clean up after yourselves. 

·        Personal flags, signs, banners, etc. may not be attached to any BYU fixtures or landscaping. 

·        Please treat those around you and their property with courtesy and respect. 

·        No alcohol, tobacco or illegal substances are allowed in the tailgate lot or on campus.

·        No electrical or water hookups are available.

·        No fireworks.

·        No tent pegs or spikes.

·        No pets.

Late arriving RV and oversized vehicle parking

There is an additional parking lot for late arriving RV and oversized vehicles that do not arrive at least three hours before the game. This lot is located at 2230 North 150 East (Canyon Road), approximately three blocks north of LaVell Edwards Stadium. The lot is for parking only and is not meant for tailgating. There is no longer reserved parking available in this lot. It has limited space and is first-come, first-served. Guests must also be out of this lot at least three hours after the game. There is no overnight parking available on campus.

Tailgating in other lots:

Individuals are permitted to tailgate as long as it does not take additional stalls or block the travel lanes of the parking lots. Tailgating activities should occur directly behind or in front of one’s vehicle. The use of propane and wood-pellet grills is allowed, but charcoal or open flame (wood) grills are not allowed due to safety reasons. See information above for large group spaces for RVs, etc.