University Police Secondary Employment Policy



The purpose of this policy is to set forth guidelines to govern secondary employment by sworn officers.


This policy is to provide guidelines for officers as to the types of secondary employment that are appropriate, and to establish procedures to maintain accountability.  These requirements are essential for the efficient operation of the department and for the protection of officers, the department, and the university.


The provision of a service in exchange for a fee or other service.  Employment does not include volunteer work for charitable organizations.


A) Any employment where BYU is not the employer must be approved by the officer’s lieutenant.  The request and approval must be made by the requesting officer submitting both a UNIVERSITY POLICE SECONDARY EMPLOYMENT APPROVAL form and a completed RELEASE, WAIVER, AND HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT form – which, if approved, will be valid for one year.
B)  Officers working where BYU is not the employer are not to use any department equipment (except their vest when working for another law enforcement agency) and are not to identify themselves as University Police officers or use University Police law enforcement authority.
C) This policy and procedure does not apply to reserve officers employed full-time by another agency.