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POLICE BEAT · 07/29/2022

A concerned citizen reported seeing a group of young males acting aggressively towards a couple of females. When officers arrived and made contact with the group, it was discovered there had been no aggressive acts but that the group were all friends and trying to figure out what was wrong with the females' car. After confirming everyone was safe, the officers cleared from the scene.

Officers responded to Wymount Terrace to a smoke alarm that was caused by an unknown reason. Officers made contact with the resident who stated he was not cooking. The alarm had gone off three times while they were inside the home. Officer did not detect any odor of smoke. Provo fire department was called to detect CO but they did not find a problem.

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Officers responded to a fire alarm at the MTC, building R9, for a fire alarm. The officers arrived and checked the building with MC security for signs of a fire. The officers did not observe any signs of a fire. The fire alarm was silenced.

Officer responded to a traffic accident in LOT 25. Upon arrival, officer contacted the drivers of both vehicles who stated that they were both driving from parking lot when their vehicles collided. Officer took pictures of the vehicle damage and gathered personal information from both drivers. No injuries were reported.

Officers responded to the Wilkinson Student Center on a fire alarm. It was determined that an employee had burnt a pizza in the Sky Room restaurant kitchen. There was neither smoke nor flames. Electric shop personnel responded and cleared the alarm.

An officer was dispatched to Lot 5, the parking lot west of the Brewster Building, to take a non-reportable vehicle accident report. The complainant, the owner of a parked vehicle, stated someone left a note on his vehicle stating they accidentally struck his parked vehicle. The individual who left the note left her name and phone number asking the complainant to call her to talk about the damage.

Officers were dispatched to the Wilkinson Student Center on a report of a found 9-year-old child who had become separated from their parents. Almost immediately after being dispatched, the child was reunited with their parents and the call was cancelled.

Officer responded to the report of a carbon monoxide alarm in Wymount Terrace Apartments. Provo fire responded and found CO in the apartment. A housing employee responded to access the problem. The occupant left the apartment to stay with her sister until the problem is fixed.