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Policies and Regulations

Utah County Policies

  • Protocol for incidents involving a Law Enforcement Officer within Utah County. Read More

BYU Policies

  • The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for the investigation of sexual assaults. Read More
  • This policy establishes the guidelines for the operational functions of the Brigham Young University Police Department Records. Read More
  • Sets forth guidelines to govern secondary employment by sworn officers. Read More
  • Brigham Young University derives its authority to regulate campus traffic and parking from Section 41-6a-215 of the Utah Code (hereafter "UC"). University traffic and parking regulations are enacted to provide a safe and orderly environment for pedestrians and traffic. Read More

    Electric Vehicle Charging Station

    Brigham Young University is offering electric vehicle charging stations as an additional campus amenity. Read More

    Bus Routes & Parking

    Congestion in BYU's parking lots make maneuvering and parking buses a hazardous endeavor. To provide a safer environment for all, the following policy has been adopted which restricts buses to three locations for unloading and loading operations. A single parking area has been designated for parking buses while awaiting the return of its passengers. These locations have been selected for safety reasons and attempt to provide as convenient a location as possible for your students to access campus. Thank you for your cooperation with this regulation. Read More

    Oversized Vehicle Parking

    Oversized vehicles for the purpose of this section are defined as: overly large pickup trucks (those which would interfere with the movement of vehicles in the parking lot), box trucks, semi-tractor trailers, buses, motor homes, camping trailers, tent trailers and any other vehicle that will create undue congestion in campus parking lots due to its height or length, or which will not fit inside campus parking space lines. Read More


    Regulations set forth for tailgating during varsity football games. Read More
  • Rideables include personal conveyance, such as bicycles, scooters, skateboards and other devices. Read More
  • Drones and/or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) are prohibited on BYU property or property controlled by BYU, except when approved in writing by the Risk Management Department
  • The possession or use of fireworks, sky lanterns, pyrotechnic special effects, or blank shots is strictly prohibited on university property except as authorized by the university Fire Marshal. Read More
  • Details the use of self-defense products, firearms, and firearm facsimiles while on campus. Read More