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POLICE BEAT · 08/03/2022

An officer responded to the Joseph F. Smith Building to a medical call. Upon arrival the officer found FSY staff working with a female teenager who was laying on the ground. She was complaining of chest pain and a high heart rate. She had been participating in a dance activity. Provo Fire and EMS arrived and assessed her. All of her vitals came back normal. Provo Fire contacted her parents and informed them that she was having a panic attack and did not need transport. She was cleared by Provo Fire and EMS and went back to her activities.

An alarm in one of the apartments at Wymount Terrace was going off sporadically. When the officer arrived, the alarm was not audible. Housing was contacted to address the issue with the detector/alarm system.

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An officer responded to an anonymous complaint of a large group of juveniles playing on the west side of the CONE and damaging the trees. The officer checked the area, but did not locate any juveniles in the area and did not see any evidence of damaged trees. No other action taken.

On August 1, 2022, information was received from a manager with the EFY office. The manager asked our Victim Advocate to make contact with an EFY participant’s mother about an incident that took place at the Maple Dell Campground during an EFY session last week. After learning the location where the incident took place, contact was made with the mother and she was advised she needed to contact the Utah County Sheriff's office to make a report. The contact information was given to the mother.

The reporting party called the police department on this date to report his Mac Book Pro as either lost or stolen. The RP last had possession of this item in the Cougar Eat last Thursday. The police were called after several calls to Lost and Found failed to locate the item. After a report was taken over the

phone, video surveillance was checked, which resulted in an in person visit to BYU Lost and Found where officers located the missing item. The missing property was returned to the complainant.

Dispatch received a smoke alarm activation in room 107 LSB. Officers were dispatched to that location as the building evacuated. The activated sensor was located. It was apparent that employees dusting the ceiling either stirred up the dust or bumped the sensor, activating the audible alarm. The alarm was silenced and then reset by the assisting electrical shop employee.