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Message from the Chief

Read Police Chief Matthew Andrus's commitment for our campus and the mission of the BYU Police

BYU Police

Brigham Young University's state certified police department is committed to providing a safe and peaceful environment for the BYU community. By joining and working together with the students, faculty, and staff of Brigham Young University, we can create a strong, secure community for everyone to enjoy.
- Chief Matthew Andrus

Mission Statement

The BYU Police facilitates a campus environment of peace and safety for all individuals through respectful interaction with individuals through education, crime prevention, and apprehension of violators of the law.

· Treating others with courtesy, dignity and respect.
· Increase our outreach and interaction within the campus community.
· Preventing crime and eliminating hazards.
· Teaching others how to protect themselves and their property.
· Detecting crime and apprehending violators.
· Enhancing service through personal and professional development of department employees.

    Portrait of BYU Police Chief Matthew Andrus