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Police Beat • 05/19-21/2023

Officers were dispatched to Lot 52 at Wymount Terrace for the report of a suspicious individual. Officers arrived and found the described person sitting in the trunk of a vehicle. The individual stated that they were working on their sound system for the car and lived in the apartment complex.

An officer was dispatched to the Jesse Knight Building to assist Provo Fire with a student who thought they were experiencing heat stress. The student’s spouse reported the situation and the student explained that they currently live in a camp trailer in Provo without air conditioning. They said they had been feeling nauseous for about two hours, but declined water and ice when Provo Fire offered it. They also declined to be transported to the hospital. Provo Fire advised them to consume as much liquid as possible and stay out of the heat. The student stayed in the presence of their spouse.

Officers responded to a medical call from the Y-Trailhead where a hiker was complaining of chest pain. BYU police, Provo Fire, and EMS responded. Provo Fire assessed the patient and gave them a ride down to their vehicle. The patient’s family transported them afterward.

Accident Property Damage
An officer was called to Lot 45 for a motor vehicle collision. Vehicle 2 was traveling westbound out of the exit approaching the stop sign when Vehicle 1, traveling southbound, collided with the passenger front fender causing damage. The driver of Vehicle 2 complained of neck pain but refused EMS attention. No other injuries were reported.

Traffic Stop
A police officer conducted a traffic stop for multiple moving violations in Lot 39. When speaking with the driver, the officer noticed the smell of marijuana. The driver produced a Utah medical marijuana card. Based on the subject’s driving patterns, the officer asked the subject if they would perform Standardized Field Sobriety tests to ensure they were safe to continue driving and the subject agreed. The officer did not observe impairment from the tests and the subject was given warnings for their traffic offenses.

Welfare Check
An officer responded to a welfare check call related to an incomplete SafeWalk session on. Upon arrival, the officer patrolled the area, looking for the student. The officer contacted the student via cell phone and left them a voicemail. Dispatch had a brief conversation with the student's sister who said the student was safe. No further action was taken.

Fish and Game
An officer was dispatched to the Y Trailhead to meet three individuals who stated they were near the top of the Y when they saw two mountain lions. The complainants explained that the mountain lions were walking near the trail, and they were scared, so they returned to the trailhead. The lions reportedly followed them for a period, but they made it safely down the trail.

A police officer was assigned to a theft report in Lot 25. The officer attempted to contact the reporting party by phone, but they did not answer. The officer left a voicemail and will follow up later.

Lost Property
An officer contacted a complainant by phone who noticed their front license plate was missing that day in Lot 25. They explained that they had recently been in an accident and had returned to the site of its occurrence to look for the plate without success. It is undermined when the plate went missing and if it was stolen or lost.

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