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Police Beat • 05/22/2023

Traffic Accident
An individual called to report that when they were leaving a parking space in Lot 25, they backed into a car that was parked in the red zone. The complainant left a note with their name and contact information but was concerned that it may not be readable due to the rain. An officer contacted the parked student and confirmed the note was legible. Officers encouraged them to contact the complainant. There was minor damage to both vehicles.

Traffic Accident
A witness observed a vehicle traveling too fast through Lot 49 before making side-to-front contact with another vehicle. The driver of the 2nd vehicle stated that they had already pulled into the traffic lane and that the fast-moving car did not yield. There were no injuries reported.

Vehicle Burglary
At approximately 1150 hours, BYU PD was dispatched to the report of a previous vehicle burglary at the Y-Trailhead. An officer contacted the victim by phone and learned that three credit cards had been stolen from their vehicle while it was parked at the trailhead. The victim was not missing anything else from their purse or vehicle, including some cash that was in a separate pocket. The security footage is being reviewed by officers.

A student called to report a previous incident in which an unknown and disheveled individual who didn’t appear to be of student age watched and peered at them through the window of a musical practice room door. Officers searched the area for the individual and did not locate anyone matching the complainant’s description.

BYU's Victim Advocate informed investigations of a sexual assault that was reported to her. The assault happened on a cruise ship outside of BYU’s jurisdiction, and the victim was given resources.  

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