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Police Beat • 05/23/2023

Vehicle Burg  
During an investigation of a previously reported car theft at the Y trailhead, it was discovered that the perpetrator also unlawfully entered two additional vehicles and stayed in one of them for approximately 60 seconds. The owner of this vehicle was identified and contacted. It was discovered that the perpetrator stole cash and credit cards from this individual's vehicle and successfully purchased items at Best Buy on one of the cards amounting to over $2000.00. This investigation is ongoing.

Officers were dispatched to the MTC due to a reported trespassing individual. When officers arrived, the person had climbed over a fence and was in the church parking lot on the west side. This individual is autistic and was just looking for their cell phone. Officers helped them find the phone and gave them a ride home. BYU officers have come across this individual in the past at the Y trailhead.

Traffic Accident
An officer took a report of a traffic accident that occurred in Lot 54 involving damage to a single vehicle and a concrete pylon. No injuries were reported. The driver provided the officer with a verbal statement and photos of the damage to the vehicle and pylon. A detailed report will be generated concerning the incident.

Provo Police Department Investigations contacted BYU’s Investigations team about a student who lives in on-campus housing and has a protective order against their stepfather who resides in Idaho. This information was passed on to BYU Patrol's Watch Command.

BYU Police, BYU EMS, and Provo Fire responded to the report of a snake bite on the Y-trail. A BYU Police officer and Provo Fire medics contacted the patient on the trail, and they were transported to the emergency room for further treatment.

BYU EMS and BYU police were dispatched to the WSC for the report of a medical issue. The patient stated that they were feeling dizzy and had a history of heart attacks. After BYU EMS evaluated the patient, they felt it necessary to contact Provo Fire/Rescue to respond and the patient was transported to the Utah Valley Hospital E.R.

Vehicle Burg
This case is related to a second victim of theft from a motor vehicle. The victim was identified and contacted, but the suspects are currently unknown. The perpetrators were successful in purchasing items at Best Buy with the victim's credit card amounting to over $2000.00.

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