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Police Beat • 05/25/2023

An officer responded to a called-in report from an individual whose front door was opened on several occasions at Wymount. There was no damage reported and nothing missing from the residence. The caller notified the manager of the unit who will change the lock on the door.  

Citizen Contact  
An officer responded to the report of a stolen vehicle. The complainant explained via phone that they were unsure where they may have parked their vehicle prior to a trip. The complainant called back later and notified dispatch they successfully located their vehicle at the train station, and it was removed from the NCIC database.  

A BYU police officer and BYU EMS responded to the Benson Building for a medical issue. The complainant reported feeling faint and had fallen. BYU EMS evaluated and treated the patient. The patient was released and not transported to the hospital per EMS protocols. No further action was taken.  
Traffic Stop  
An officer observed a bicyclist traveling westbound through Lot 38 approaching the intersection at 1060 N and 150 E. The bicyclist did not stop at the stop sign before proceeding through the intersection and the officer stopped them and gave them a verbal warning.

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