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Police Beat • 05/26-30/2023

Criminal Mischief
An officer responded to the Y-Trailhead for a criminal mischief call. An unknown subject opened the rear passenger door of a car at night where the complainant and their spouse had fallen asleep and then threw flour through the sunroof. The flour spread throughout the vehicle, making it difficult to breathe and alarming and disorienting the passengers, the substance getting into their eyes. Then, the suspect ran off into the bushes without further offense. The complainants also reported being followed down the mountain by another vehicle, so they drove to meet with Provo officers. Officers searched the trailhead area and checked cameras for a suspicious vehicle’s license plate but did not identify a plate as they were parked in a blind spot. A BYU Officer patrolled the area for suspicious activity and was unable to locate the suspect. Provo Fire assisted the victims and cleared the area.

An officer was dispatched to Heritage Halls Building 3 when two residents separately reported a man, possibly experiencing homelessness and mental health concerns, asking for their names and addresses. A description was given and although the officer did not initially locate the subject, within 30 minutes, an employee at the Heritage Central Building reported the same individual at their office asking employees for their full names and home addresses. When the officer arrived at the Central Building, he located the subject. The officer explained that at least two students had called concerning his behavior and that his questions were concerning to them. The man elaborated on various odd political and religious reasons why he was asking students for their emails and officers asked that he stop. An hour later, a resident of Wymount Terrace called to report an individual experiencing homelessness asking for her address and then following her to her apartment building. The complainant stated that the man caused her to feel unsafe and her description matched the earlier descriptions. Officers located the same subject near 2300 North Temple View Drive and informed Provo Police that a BYU Officer would speak with the subject since the case originated on campus. Officers instructed the subject again not to ask students for their names or addresses.

Traffic Offense
An officer was dispatched to Lot 22 for the report of a vehicle driving recklessly. Dispatch found the vehicle on camera doing a figure-eight in the parking lot and then leaving. The officer searched the area but was not able to find a vehicle matching the description given.

Lost Property
An officer was asked to investigate a lost cell phone near Maeser Hill. The complainant mistakenly left their phone on top of their car and drove away. They tried to find it but were unsuccessful. An officer gathered the information and made a report.

An officer was dispatched to the Central Heating and Cooling Plants Building when an employee reported someone experiencing homelessness sleeping near an open door under a large heating vent. When the Officer arrived, they located the subject and asked if they were feeling okay. They responded that they did not need anything. The Officer expressed concern about them accidentally being harmed by sleeping near machinery and vents and asked if they needed a ride to a shelter for the night. They declined and the offer encouraged them to not sleep on BYU campus since it is private property. The individual then left campus.

Welfare Check
A police officer was dispatched to the Y-Trailhead for a welfare check after BYU dispatch observed a vehicle parked overnight in the trailhead parking lot. The officer arrived and contacted the driver who said they were just about to leave.

Welfare Check
Officers were dispatched to check on a woman sleeping in a car parked near the Smith Field House. Officers found the woman alert and well. No further action was taken.

Theft, Bike
An officer was dispatched to the previous report of a stolen bike from the Heritage Halls Building 3 bike rack. Video footage of the suspect committing the theft was found, as well as the description of a car the suspect used. The License Plate Recognition System in that specific area failed and the suspect has not yet been identified.

Theft; Bike
An officer responded to the report of a previously stolen bicycle from the area of the ITB. No information was provided for the bike. No camera footage was collected. No suspect information is available at this time.

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