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Police Beat • 05/31/2023

Welfare Check  
According to an FSY counselor, two roommates of a juvenile attending FSY reported that the juvenile had used marijuana while on campus. The juvenile also reportedly threatened suicide, accused the roommates of stealing from them, and threatened to kill their roommates. The FSY counselor reached out to LDS Family Services about the situation who recommended that the counselor call the police.  

Officers met with the juvenile, who denied the claims of marijuana use at FSY, threatening to harm themselves, and threatening to kill their roommates. They did, however, admit to previous marijuana use and to accusing their roommates of stealing. The officer recommended dividing parties for the night and tomorrow since the juvenile planned to leave FSY the next day and the officers and counselors agreed on this plan of action.  

Animal Problem  
An officer was dispatched to the trail on the hill between the West View Building and the Richards Building for an animal welfare check. Officers arrived and found a fawn lying on the path. The officer nudged the fawn, and it got up and ran to its mother. No further action was necessary.  

A juvenile attending FSY fell on their wrist. Provo Medical responded and checked the patient's wrist, concluding it was not broken, but just sore.  

Welfare Check  
A parent who is no longer in contact with their former student requested a welfare check and information on their child whom they have not heard from for an extended period of time. The parent explained that their relationship was strained, and that the child had ceased contact over a year ago. An officer advised the parent that they could not provide information about their child due to the situation and recommended they explore alternative means to locate or contact them.  

An officer was dispatched to the Wilkinson Student Center for the report of a juvenile seen shoplifting from The BYU bookstore. The officer arrived and spoke with the juvenile and representatives from the store. The juvenile admitted to stealing the item, but the store did not want to press charges for the theft. The officer contacted the parents of the juvenile to inform them of the situation.  

Property Damage  
An officer was dispatched to a report of property damage at the University Service Building (USB). A Dining Services vehicle had its rear driver’s side window broken out. The officer did not see any signs of foul play and no camera footage was available in the location of the vehicle. Earlier in the day, grounds employees were working in the area, and it is possible that rocks were tossed up by some of the equipment and hit the window. Dining Services was advised to submit an incident report to Risk Management.  

Accident – Property Damage  
A BYU PD officer took the report of a previous traffic accident. The driver said they were traveling north in Lot 39 when another vehicle pulled out of a parking stall and hit their vehicle. No injuries were reported. Both drivers exchanged information at the time of the accident. The officer spoke with the other driver who gave a similar account, and a traffic accident form was completed including emailed statements from both drivers and photos of the damage. There was no available camera footage of the accident.  

A patient was reported to be having a seizure at the Life Science Building. Provo Fire, BYU EMS, and BYU Police responded. The patient was treated and evaluated per Provo and BYU EMS policy. The patient was then transported to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center for further treatment.

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