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Police Beat • 08/08/2022

  • Officers were dispatched to the Botany Pond to speak with individuals who were challenging student religious beliefs. When officers arrived, they found two adult individuals sitting in chairs on the sidewalk at 800 South 500 East, not on BYU property. All individuals were speaking respectfully and cordially.
  • BYU Dispatch was checking (day old footage) security cameras when they noticed a man dressed in black looking at the bicycles in Heritage 03 bike rack. The man cut the lock off a black Fuji mountain bike and rode away east bound towards 900 East and Cedar Ave. The suspect is a white male wearing dark sweat pants pulled up high exposing his lower legs, a dark long-sleeved shirt or jacket with an image printed on the front, a dark baseball cap and a dark COVID mask. The owner of the bike was identified. This case is being referred to the Investigations Division for follow up. Check Facebook for images.

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  • Officers responded to a report of two young adult males following a group of females at Heritage Halls. It was reported that one of the males was playing with or brandishing a knife, but did not make any threats. Officers searched the area and spoke to different groups in the area but did not find or identify the males.
  • Officers responded to a trespassing call at the Central Heating Physical Plant. Two people were seen on camera trying to enter the building. The suspects fled, leaving in a vehicle when confronted by employees. Contact was made with the registered owner of the vehicle who said she had left the keys with some friends. She will try to find out who had her vehicle at the time of this incident. More follow up is needed.
  • While patrolling the Y-Trailhead an officer came in contact with two individuals, one adult and one minor, drinking alcohol. The minor was cited for consuming alcohol and the adult was cited for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The minor was released to a responsible adult and the
  • intoxicated adult obtain a ride from a friend.
  • Officers responded to fireworks being deployed at Helaman Hall. Officers contacted multiple people who were in the parking lot and ultimately made phone contact with the two responsible for setting off fireworks and had a brief conversations about campus rules. The suspects were given warnings.
  • A concerned parent called about her daughter receiving a text requesting that she send inappropriate pictures to a male she met at EFY. The text was received at the female’s residence in Provo after the EFY event was over. The parent was advised to contact Provo PD to make a report.