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Police Beat • 11/17/2023

Tobacco Problem
An officer observed an individual smoking a vape device at the Y Trailhead via video surveillance. They appeared too young to be in possession of tobacco. The officer stopped the vehicle as it was leaving the trailhead and spoke with the occupants. An individual admitted to smoking the vape and another occupant was in possession of the vape device. The other two occupants were juveniles out past curfew. The officer cited the adults for possession of tobacco by a minor and warned the juveniles about the curfew violation. The officer spoke with the parents of the two juveniles. This case will be referred to the Provo City Attorney's Office for review of charges.

Animal Problem
An officer responded to the Y Trailhead to an animal problem call. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with the complainant and had a brief conversation about a possible dog in distress somewhere in the area. The officer patrolled the area for any suspicious activity but did not observe any.

A passerby found an individual who was experiencing a seizure. Provo Fire, BYU EMS, and a police officer responded to the scene. The patient was treated and evaluated per EMT protocols. They were not transported to the ER.

A police officer responded to the Student Health Center when an employee reported an incident. When the officer arrived, the involved party declined to make a report. Other resources were offered to the individual, which were declined as well. This report is made for information purposes only.

An officer called a reporting party to answer questions regarding the process of how to make a police report. The reporting party just had general questions about remaining anonymous and who could make a police report. Officers responded and encouraged the reporting party to make a report if there was a crime.

An officer and BYU EMS responded to Heritage Halls for a patient who believed that they were having an allergic reaction to soy proteins. The patient had self-administered an epi-pen prior to the officer’s arrival. Provo Fire also responded. The patient had contacted their parent who was responding. Provo Fire cleared the scene. The patient started feeling better and returned to their room to wait for their mother.

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