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Police Beat • 11/18/2023 to 11/20/2023

Welfare Check
An officer responded to the Mission Training Center on a report that a person may be suicidal. The officer met with the person, who said they had been suffering from panic attacks, but was not planning to harm them self. The person said they talked with their leader earlier and plans to talk with a counselor tomorrow. The officer did have reason to believe the person was a threat to themself. The person remained at the MTC where they will be surrounded by others until they can meet with a counselor.

An officer was dispatched to an injury at Haws Field. A fan had been hit in the face with a soccer ball. EMS responded and spoke with the patient who denied treatment and refused to provide any information.

The officer responded to the Riviera building for a littering call. Upon arrival, the officer located and contacted the complainant and had a brief conversation regarding the littering suspect. The officer patrolled the area in an attempt to locate the suspect. Suspect left prior to officer responding.

Welfare Check
An officer was dispatched to the parking lot of the Tanner Building for a welfare check on a female. The officer spoke with a male and a female, who stated that they had a verbal argument and that nothing physical had happened. Both parties calmed down and agreed that they could ride together back home.

While working the women's volleyball game at the Smith Field House, an officer was approached by an individual who reported that an unconscious person was in the restroom. The officer responded to the restroom of the indoor track and contacted the patient. The patient was in the entryway of the restroom and was not responsive. BYU EMS was requested to respond to the scene. Provo Fire responded as well and transported the patient to the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

An officer responded to North University Field for a medical call from a person who snapped their finger while playing flag football. Upon arrival, the patient was speaking, conscious, and breathing seated and was being treated by BYU EMS. A family member then transported the patient to Instacare.

Suicide attempt
An Officer responded to HR on a medical call. The officer spoke with the cousin of the patient who was on-scene and said the incident was likely an intentional overdose. Provo Fire along with BYU EMS responded, gathered up medications, and transported the patient to UVRMC. The officer collected evidence then responded to UVRMC and submitted a pink slip to admit the patient. The officer contacted the on-call supervisor and CAPS.

Lost Property
A police officer was assigned to a lost property detail. A civilian had located lost property and turned it over to an officer. The officer was unable to make contact with the property owner and turned it into Lost and Found.

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