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Police Beat • 11/22/2023

Paper Service
An officer served a ban letter to an individual. The individual is currently serving a 40-day commitment in the Utah County Jail. He said he understood the ban and that he would not come back to any BYU Properties.

Welfare Check
Officer followed up on a Safewalk where a student failed to check in upon arrival at their destination. The officer texted the student who immediately responded and stated they were in class and was unable to answer a phone call. The student stated that when they arrived the App did not allow them to finalize the Safewalk.

Accident – Property Damage
A minor traffic accident occurred in Lot 41, the parking area south of May Hall, involving a vehicle attempting to park next to another vehicle and causing damage to the rear driver-side quarter panel. A driver exchange form was completed and provided to both parties involved.

A student employee reported that several men were looking in cars in the Ellsworth Building parking lot. The subjects left the area prior to the officer’s arrival. The description was not detailed enough for further follow-up.

Found Property
An officer was dispatched to the Museum of Art to assist an individual who was picking up a wallet from the front desk at the MOA. The individual stated the front desk called stating the wallet was found in the gift shop. The individual said they were delayed unexpectedly at the hospital with a family member and could not make it to the MOA earlier. The wallet was found at the front desk with the individual's identification inside, the wallet was given to the owner.

Welfare Check
An officer was dispatched to Wymount Terrace for a report of a 10-year-old screaming "no" over and over. The officer made contact and found the 10-year-old had become too animated while playing video games. The resident stated that she would have her son to quiet down.

Suspicious Package
Officers were dispatched on a found book bag/pack that the finder felt was very heavy and possibly presenting a danger to those in the area. The call came in as a suspicious package; however, officers were able to locate the owner and confirmed the bag contained a laptop and books.

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